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In-situ control valve services

The fundamental principle in formulating a solution is to identify the organizational requirements and demands of our clientele. With a clear understanding of the customer demands – urgent or routine maintenance services, we design an action plan and deliver it by utilizing our expertise in the domain. 

We deliver predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance solutions that guarantee the safety and optimal operation of your valves and equipment.

We service and repair all valve types including but not limited to:

  • Control Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Safety Relief Valves
  • Gate/Globe/Ball Valves
  • Manual Valves

We offer a wide range of valve maintenance services on all major manufacturers’ equipment including:

  • Routine valve maintenance 
  • In-situ control valve troubleshooting
  • Installation and commissioning of new valves and accessories 
  • Procurement and management of valve parts 
  • Valve and accessories upgrade recommendation

Valve Maintenance

Valves can cause significant impact on the overall safety and effective running of the process, if not properly maintained. On the other hand, proper maintenance helps to maximize the lifespan of the equipment. Our goal is to identify and prevent valve failure and system disruptions before they occur.

Our skilful team of field technicians with industry-specific knowledge performs all types of services that include:

  • Standard control valve repair and maintenance
  • Control valve seal, packing and gasket replacements 
  • Valve trim replacements
  • Pneumatic actuator servicing and troubleshooting 
  • Electrical actuator overhauling and servicing 
  • Actuator manual override systems overhauling and servicing 
  • Pneumatic, analogue and Fieldbus positioners inspection and servicing 
  • Retrofitting or upgrading control valve accessories 

Shutdown Planning and Services

It is essential to maximize the lifespan of valves to increase the production that will substantially grow your return on investment. We have the best industrial expertise to deliver complete service and repair package for planned maintenance. Our service and repair package ensures that your valves are maintained safely and efficiently. 

After conducting a meticulous inspection, we produce a site report on the current mechanical and digital condition of the control valves system. The report contains service recommendations required to ensure the continued safety and optimal operation of the equipment.

Our technicians perform on-site performance tuning on control valves to effectively stabilize the process systems. Immediate and unscheduled repairs on unreliable valves can be carried out in-line to avoid system disruptions although a more suitable repair or replacement is scheduled at a next convenient time. 

We deliver exceptional field service to execute scheduled projects and bring back your equipment to the working condition. Our expertise and flexibility enable us to get the job done with utmost safety and within the organization’s financial budget.

On-site Emergency Support

On the occasion of unexpected valve failure, we send an expert field technician to visit your plant on a priority basis. The immediate availability of our valve experts can help you to reduce unplanned downtime.

If an existing valve system has failed, our experts conduct a proper investigation on the likely causes. They will next design an action plan that identifies all possible solutions to resolve diagnosed problems of the system. Our responsive approach helps you to bring back your equipment online and reduces long-term equipment deterioration.

We provide ongoing specialist support until the end of the operation. 


Responsive approach

Our customer can have the confidence of contacting us, 365 days a year, to discuss the urgent challenges relating to valves


Exceptional expertise

In-depth knowledge of control valve systems and field expertise give us control over the timing and quality of all aspects of valve servicing.


Safety at site

Our expert field technicians have in-depth knowledge on various safety protocols for visiting customer facilities.

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